Rochester Play in Rochester

To make a positive difference in the lives of children and their families by providing premier children’s activity and family entertainment center where learning and development is disguised as PLAY!



The benefits both children and adults receive with a healthy diet and regular physical activity are numerous.  Making these convenient and entertaining can be challenging and is one of the fundamental reasons the owners formed Rochester Play!  As their values and beliefs guide the business, their children were both the inspiration and motivation for the foundation.  As their children began to grow up, they created the initial motivation where it was recognized that there needed to be a healthier, safer, cleaner and more comfortable location for children and parents to gather for play dates, with friends and family, after school, on the weekends, during the evening or for parties or club events other than the typical fast food or restaurant location.


The concept and formation of Rochester Play! was started by the parents of three children who live in Rochester, Michigan.  With the assistance and input of friends and family, imagination of children, and support from others in the community, they confirmed the need for a premier and convenient location for children and adults of all ages to benefit from and share in their beliefs of the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle. In aligning the need with the desires, the owners confirmed their beliefs with other parents that the most important requirements in providing such a service included:

  • Offering an active, healthy, and premier play based set of services
  • Making it fun, entertaining, and comfortable for children AND adults of all ages
  • The absolute need for a clean facility and equipment
  • Having a safe and secure environment to play and socialize
  • Being conveniently located and accessible for families to coordinate with other daily activities

So, staying in line with their beliefs and wanting to support and promote the surrounding communities, Rochester Play was opened in downtown Rochester and provides many unique services – a premier indoor children’s play center, a distinctive party location, a health conscious and tasty café, and various family and children’s programs.  Parents now have a choice to take their children to a healthy, clean, safe, secure, and entertaining location to play, socialize, and gather with their family and friends.