"Glow" Party
Put on your neon/glow colors and enjoy your special event in a private, dim lighted, extra special atmosphere

  • 2-hour party
  • Special 'black light' dance room and music
  • Unique 'black light' food room
  • Boxblaster VR play and game card
  • Lights are dimmed throughout the center
  • Lots of 'glow sticks'
  • RP's great hosting services

"Party on the Patio"

Rain or shine, we've got your party covered!

  • Outdoor table seating on our outdoor patio
  • A guaranteed indoor party room in the event of a rain out
  • No additional costs
  • Available any day between 9am - 11am or after 1pm
  • All other event package pricing applies
  • A fun turfed play area for the kids to enjoy the outside - same great play area inside
  • Access to our open grassy lot for games and activities
  • And, of course, the same great party options and service that you would receive indoors at RP!

Gathering, Event, Meeting, or Just Your Own Private Space

Our venue isn’t only a great place for a birthday party – we can be a fun location for just about any type of gathering or event! When planning your party, meeting or event, think about us as we also offer…

  • Planning and hosting for clubs/teams, PTA or school meetings, play groups, formal events, gathering for friends/families, and birthdays

  • Private party option so you can have the entire indoor play center just for your event

  • Private party rooms with comfortable seating, tables and chairs, and DVD/TV that can be rented (includes free admission for up to 8 kids when reserving 1 hour or more)

  • Simply call ahead to reserve up to two tables in our café and receive a discount on admission pricing with one of our playgroup discounts


Let us do the work for you so that you can sit back and enjoy your event instead of being stressed about the details or have to order, pickup, or deliver anything yourself! 

It's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3 (and 4)!

  1. Determine your OPEN (Monday-Saturday) or PRIVATE (Sunday)

      format and reserve your date/time

  2. Select and order your party package and optional items

  3. Confirm you party and package details

  4. Show up on your date/time to enjoy your event with your guests

OPEN or PRIVATE format

We offer both an OPEN or PRIVATE party format. OPEN party packages are available Monday - Saturday and include your own dedicated party room just for you and your guests with our shared play center.  A PRIVATE party option can be added to your party package and available on Sundays to provide the entire play center exclusively to only you and your guests - we close the play center and do not allow any outside entry..


Our party packages and options are all inclusive, so you don't have to do any run around shopping and picking up of your party food, drink, or supplies and you can plan to enjoy, play and socialize at your event. We’ll provide the place, the fun, the food, the supplies, and we’ll do all the set up and clean-up for you for our packages! It’s the easiest way to throw a party or event. Just call to talk to a party planner and we’ll help find the package and options that best suits your needs. Then sit back, relax, and enjoy the fun!


What is the cost of a RP! party?

We have several party packages and options to take care of everything and meet any of your needs. Inside or outside ("Party on the Patio" options with weather permitting), our party packages and options can be all inclusive and designed to offer as much fun and enjoyment you would like to provide your guests at your special event. Following are our party packages and options:

Party Package ***

(Includes first 10 children and

your own dedicated party room)




$18/Child > 10 




$22/Child > 10 




$26/Child > 10

Play Entry (all day)

10 Children incl  

$20/Child >10

10 Children incl 

$25/Child > 10

10 Children incl 

$30/Child > 10

Dedicated Party Room

(OPEN days - 2 hr use***)

Fresh Made Pizza (2 pcs/child)xxx
100% Juice Boxxxx
Set up/Clean upxxx

Decor and Paper Products

(Theme and/or 2 colors)

2 ColorsDeluxe ThemedSupreme Themed
Balloon Centerpiecesxx


Themed Balloons
Printable Invitationxxx
Game Credits$5/Child$7/Child$10/Child
Birthday Child Party Souvenir  xxx
Children Guest Party Souvenir
All ChildrenAll Children
Birthday Party Photo

Themed Cupcakes


*** Party package price includes first 10 children and 2 hour use of your own dedicated party room. Additional party room use can be added for the Additional Event/Party Hour(s) fee if available and needed for other decoration setup/takedown, entertainment, or party plans. Additional children can be added for the per Child fee. Party Deluxe Theme includes themed plates, napkins, and latex balloons along with color coordinated table cloths and balloons. Party Supreme Theme includes same plus themed table cloths, scene setter decor, and foil balloons. Optional adult guests cake/cupcakes upgrade, food and drink available from our Party Option menu below. Party Package pizza includes 1 topping. Gluten free pizza crust and additional toppings available at an additional cost. Other special diet options available upon request. No outside food or drinks are allowed except for commercially prepared cakes/cupcakes-limited exceptions. All special requests, outside decorations/balloons, outside entertainment require approval and $50/item serving/handling fee may apply. Minimum $100 non-refundable party deposit or $25 table reservation deposit (max 1 table of 8 guests/group) required to reserve your party date and time. .

Are there any other party food and options?

Absolutely!  Our OPEN party packages and options above are uniquely designed to give you your own space and take care of everything for any party or event in our exclusive dedicate party rooms so you do not have to do any shopping, pickups, or deliveries. We also know that you may want something extra special as with adding our Private Party option to your party package, reservation required, where you will have our entire facility all to yourselves for your party or event.

We also offer a room rental option if would just like to rent a room for a meeting, 

organization, or group gathering (dedicated room hourly rental only available Monday - Friday). We can also serve any food or drinks from our cafe or party menu for room rentals to take care of any of your food and drink needs. With our awesome and delicious cafe available, we can prepare any of the below items or serve any items off our menu. Following are some specific party food and setup options that can be added and considered with any party/event:

Optional PRIVATE Center Party 
(available Sunday)

$200/hr w/Party Package
$300/hr if no Party Package selected

Additional Event/Party Hour(s)
$150/hr for OPEN visit days (Monday-Saturday)
Room Rental ****                  
$100 per hour (includes 8 free play admissions,
$10/child > 8) 

Dippin Dots10% off cafe menu
Large Pizza10% off cafe menu
Wings-30 pcs (boneless or traditional)
$50 (boneless) / $55 (traditional)
Specialty Sandwich Wrap Platter $45 (est. 10 people)
Hummus & Chip Platter
$35 (est. 10 people)
Veggie Platter
$45 (est. 15 people)
Fruit Platter
$45 (est. 15 people)
Cheese & Cracker Platter
$35 (est. 15 people)
Bagel Platter
$30 (est. 10 people)
Salad Bowl
$35 (est. 10 people)
Chip Bowl
$15 (est. 10 people)
Coffee Carafe
$8 each
Pitcher Pop$8 each
Gluten Free Pizza Crust
$3 per pizza (Medium pizza)
Table reservation (1 table of 8 seats
maximum, available Mon-Fri only) 

$25 non-refundable deposit required
OPEN Play Table decoration (colored 
plates, table cloth and balloon bouquet)

$20/table (max. 1 table or 8 guests/group)
Theme or Color request (not listed below)$35
Serving/Handling Fee (if applicable) **$50 each request
Birthday Child Souvenir$8 each
Child Guest Souvenir$5 each
T-Shirt$12 each
Birthday Party Picture$3 each
Cake - 8" Round (serves up to 10)Call RP for price
Cake - 1/4 Sheet (serves up to 15)Call RP for price
Cake - 1/2 Sheet (serves up to 30)Call RP for price
Cake - Full Sheet (serves up to 60)Call RP for price
Cake - Theme Upgrade$20 each
Cupcake - 1/2 dozenCall RP for price
Cupcake - 1 dozenCall RP for price
Candle - # Candle$2 each

** No outside food or drinks are allowed except for commercially prepared cakes/cupcakes. Limited

exceptions and $50 serving/handling fee would apply.

** Serving/Handling Fee may be applied for special food, decoration, balloon, outside entertainment, other requests

*** Due to the current global helium shortage and supplier challenges, we no longer provide helium 

balloon filling.

**** $100 non-refundable deposit towards your Room Rental required to reserve your date/time and cover room rental cleaning if required.

Standard Colors:
Aqua Blue   Black       Blue       Gold       Green        Orange     

Pink                Purple     Red        Silver   White   Yellow

Standard Themes: 

B/G 1st Birthday          Avengers                   Cars

Coco Melon                 DC Super Hero          Dinosaur

Elmo                            Encanto                     Frozen

Mermaid                      Mickey/Minnie            Minecraft                      

Minions                        My Little Pony            B/G Paw Patrol

Princess                      Little Shark                 Spider Man

Thomas Train              Toy Story                    Unicorn

How do I reserve a "Party on the Patio"?

As soon as Mother Nature cooperates, RP! offers a "Party on the Patio" party option. If you are looking for a venue to have an outdoor or summer party, only RP! can guarantee a great option for both rain or shine! Play inside, play outside on our large lot... enjoy your special celebration in the fresh air on our fenced in outdoor deck and turfed play area. Our "Party on the Patio" option gives you a great atmosphere for an outdoor party and offers:

  • Outdoor seating on our new patio
  • A guaranteed indoor party room in the event of a rain out
  • A fun turfed play area for the kids to enjoy the outside - same great play area inside
  • Access to our open grassy lot for games and activities you may want to offer
  • And, of course, the same great party options and service that you wold receive indoors at RP!

How do I reserve a party date?
Give us a call or stop by to reserve a date and time. There is a $100 room ($25 table) non-refundable deposit, however should your needs change we are happy to reschedule as long as we have the new date/time available.

Make your event extra special with a private party?
Private parties are a wonderful option for groups who have a large number of guests, or are looking to make their event extra special by having the entire play center to themselves! We can host and size any of our party packages for your needs or create your own party package. RP! will close to the public for all private parties or events.

Don’t see an option that’s just right for you?
We'll try to be flexible to meet your needs!  Call us to talk to a party planner and we try to help create a specialized a la’ carte party or event package option that fits your event needs. Interested in a different food or snack options? Our café will try to handle or cater to your needs. We’re more than happy to help find you and your guests the perfect set up for any type of party or event.